Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020


How to Make Money from Sugar Daddies without Meeting Them

sugar baby get money online easily

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives in very many ways, affecting the way we live and the way we connect with the people around us. Now, social distancing is recommended, which makes offline dating a real challenge, if not even impossible in some cases. If you are a sugar baby, you probably know how hard it is these days to get the support you need from sugar daddies. In regular conditions, your sugar daddy would have rewarded you for the time you would spend in his company. But since this is not possible any longer, as everybody is trying to stay safe, sugar babies are going through really hard times.

Because people consciously stay at home to maintain a safe distance, so people have more time to chat online. According to statistics, Sugar daddy dating online is up 83%, compared to the same period of the last year. However, there are no offline dates and no sex, and many sugar daddies are also reluctant to pay the sugar baby allowance of sugar babies. So, no wonder sugar babies lost the support they enjoyed during the outbreak of the pandemic. Some of them were really creative, finding new ways to get money from their sugar daddies even if in-person meetups are no longer an available method. Some, unfortunately, opted to perform scams on their sugar daddies, which is a desperate and illegal practice. Thus, it is not recommended to do so because you can end up facing severe consequences. Instead, take a look at the following methods that will help you gain money from sugar daddies even if you don’t meet them in real life.

Make sure your profile is accurate and do your best to be active online

Because you can’t meet with sugar daddies offline, your best shot at getting their attention is by being active online. This way, if a sugar daddy sends you a message or tries to chat with you, you’ll be able to offer a prompt response. In terms of gaining advantages, fast response and showing the availability to communicate can be a great plus for those looking to find companionship online. Even if it takes a while to get the attention of a sugar daddy, don’t get discouraged. There are many out there who seek the company of beautiful women, even if it is just online for the moment.

However, one of the biggest secrets to have all eyes upon you in the online environment, especially on a dating platform, is to have an honest, genuine, and positive profile. So, invest time and effort in creating a profile that is as accurate and complete as possible. Fill in all the sections of your profile, be genuine when offering information about yourself, and use only clear, high-quality photos for your profile. This means avoiding photos in which you wear sunglasses or anything that covers your face or uploading abstract or blurred photos or images that were too heavily modified.

Offer photos for money

Many sugar babies decided to take advantage of their looks and offer photos to sugar daddies in exchange for money. How much money can a sugar baby ask for a photo? Well, it depends on the photo. Sums can vary from $5 to $100, depending on what your sugar daddy wants. Be aware that some sugar daddies will ask for nude photos or more provocative images. If you’re okay with them, you can offer this kind of image for more consistent amounts, depending on your creativity. Also, don’t be surprised if a sugar daddy will ask for photos of your feet. There are people with a wide range of fetishes, so it’s all about how open-minded you are.

Set a fee for live conversations via webcam or telephone

While checking out a profile can be fun, there will be sugar daddies that will want to hear your voice or even see you live on camera. If this is the case, you can set some fees for this, giving you the chance to earn some money. Again, there will be sugar daddies that might want more, like over-the-phone sex or cyber-sex, on the webcam. So, you should decide how far are you willing to go and what you can do in exchange for money. Naughty conversations and even explicit images on the webcam can be sold at more expensive prices, so they could be a good way to earn some money during this tough period. If you keep your sugar daddy happy, even if you can’t meet, you might just get that monthly allowance that will help you get through this.

Use only legit, trustworthy sugar daddy dating websites

Ideally, you should opt for the services of reliable sugar daddy websites only if you want to meet real sugar daddies and stay away from dangers. Also, websites that give you the chance to enjoy a chatting area or even webcam services are indeed a great option, as it makes online dating more real and exciting. So, it is definitely worth taking all these into consideration if you want to increase your chances of earning money from generous sugar daddies during the pandemic.

Stay positive at all times and don’t hesitate to employ your sense of humor

While some sugar babies went down to begging, posting adds on their profiles to get money for rent, you should keep these methods for when you exhausted everything else. Instead, do your best to maintain a positive attitude, especially when interacting with sugar daddies, as no one enjoys hearing sad stories or someone else complaining in a period that is already difficult. If you want to become popular and appreciated, being positive and keeping your sense of humor up are two good strategies to win sugar daddies on your side. Believe it or not, sugar daddies will be willing to pay just to hear your voice or see you via webcam if you will make them feel better with your positive energy and smiles.

As a tip, once you do get money from your sugar daddies, spend it wisely. If possible, try to save as much as you can, by prioritizing your expenses. This will help you manage this period more effectively. And even in the future, once life gets back on tracks, saving the money you get from your sugar daddies can help you a lot, by giving you the chance to create savings accounts for emergency situations or for important occasions.

Isabella Hill

Isabella Hill

Isabella Hill was an experienced sugar baby. When she was 20 years old, she met her first sugar daddy through a sugar daddy website. She has been in the sugar dating field for more than 7 years. She has extensive experience in managing and maintaining sugar daddy relationship. Today, Isabella is willing to share her experience with more sugar babies so that they can enter this lifestyle faster.


How Much Sugar Baby Allowance to Ask from My Sugar Daddy?

A sugar baby is very satisfied with her sugar baby allowance.

The reason you chose to get involved in sugar daddy dating is, obviously, because you want to enjoy the benefits of having a relationship with a sugar daddy. The best part is that sugar daddies are aware of this and will not refuse to pay for your time and companionship. But, just how much are they willing to pay? Or, more precisely, how much can you ask in terms of allowance as a sugar baby? How can this be determined and how much is too much?

When you don’t have any experience in this domain, it may be very hard to decide upon this aspect. You want to make sure that you’re not asking for too much or too little. After all, time is money and since you decide to spend it with someone according to their own schedule, you may very well enjoy some benefits. Of course, the best part about dating sugar daddies is that you can choose the sugar daddy you like the most. And you can also set boundaries that will make you feel comfortable. In other words, you can play this game in your own terms. You can do what you like and refuse what you don’t, and be rewarded each time your sugar daddy is happy.

But, let us get back to our subject. How much should or can you ask from your sugar daddy? No matter what kind of information you find online, each situation and relationship are different. So, there isn’t a general recipe that works for all. To request a sum that works for both of you, there are some aspects you need to consider.

First of all, let us take a look at the “average”

To set an average for a sugar baby allowance is indeed a challenging task. This sum varies based on location and details regarding one’s lifestyle expectations. In other words, if you live in a city where life is expensive, you may be entitled to a larger sum. But, on average, it is possible to say that a sugar baby can get a monthly allowance of $3000. This allowance can come in the form of money, but also as gifts, bills, tuition fees, and so on. Yet again, we are talking about an average, so it is not a standard sum. Usually, the sum is set after a round of negotiations and after both of you agree on the terms for your relationship.

Make sure you’re rooted in reality

While having a sugar daddy at your side can indeed be a great thing, you should avoid dreaming with your eyes wide open. Such a relationship is not a guarantee that you’ll get access to expensive handbags, designer clothes, luxurious vacations, and fat bank account. The amount of benefits you get from a sugar daddy depends on many factors, including his generosity and the kind of relationship that develops between the two of you. However, you can set a minimum, so you will feel happy each time you will have to skip meeting up with friends or family, for instance, so you can get with your sugar daddy.

So, you may find information regarding the earns of a sugar baby a bit exaggerated on the Internet. Yes, there are professional sugar babies that earn a lot and have a good life, but you won’t see them talking about it online. They are usually saving the money they earn and do their best to invest in their self-development. You should consider doing so as well, as you may earn more in the future if you’re a well-educated and refined sugar baby.

Never set the allowance based on how much you are worth

There is no such thing as “how much I am worth”. You are priceless and you should not set a price on yourself based on your looks and age. The only factors that should help you set a minimum for your sugar baby allowance should be your goals. How much money do you need to pay your bills, pay tuition fees or taxes for various courses, and enjoy a decent lifestyle? Be honest and realistic about it and ask the sum you need to make your goals part of your reality. If you know what you want and what goals you pursue, you will appear confident and convincing in the eyes of your sugar daddy, who may just give you what you want. If not, you should find a sugar daddy that will accept your request.

How most sugar daddy offers look like

What you need to understand is that most sugar daddies will accept offering a partial help only, which will take you closer to your goals. So, a sugar baby allowance is not a ticket out of debt and worries. Don’t think that you will never have to work a day in your life because such a plan is not realistic. Yes, a sugar daddy will help you out, from a financial point of view. But, even if he is able to enjoy a lavish life, this doesn’t mean he will offer you a separate lavish life as well. Dating a sugar daddy will make things easier for you, but you will still have to take care of some aspects.

If you like your sugar daddy and you have a great time in his company, then you should go for it, even if the allowance is not as generous as you may have liked. You should appreciate whatever he is willing to give you, especially if he treats you well and there are chances to learn something valuable from him.

Always make a smart choice

There’s no point in having a luxurious allowance if you don’t enjoy the companionship of your sugar daddy. Even if the mirage of earning more can be alluring, you may end up in a situation that will make you regret the choice you made. So, a higher allowance is not always the best choice, as it may get you in the company of a sugar daddy you don’t like. He may have high hopes or requirements from your side, asking things you may not be willing to offer, in return for his generosity. So, it’s best to choose the sugar daddy that makes you feel great. Having a great time and feeling safe with your sugar daddy is much better than having a bad time for more money.

If you are smart, you will not set your arrangements with sugar daddies based on the available allowance. Spending your time in a pleasant manner and enjoying your life is always a much better option than suffering while having the hope that you’ll get rich someday.

Isabella Hill

Isabella Hill

Isabella Hill was an experienced sugar baby. When she was 20 years old, she met her first sugar daddy through a sugar daddy website. She has been in the sugar dating field for more than 7 years. She has extensive experience in managing and maintaining sugar daddy relationship. Today, Isabella is willing to share her experience with more sugar babies so that they can enter this lifestyle faster.