Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Secret Benefits Review
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Editor’s Review

What’s Secret Benefits

When you first visit Secret Benefits, you will like the fact that it looks and feels very natural. It’s not a very complex website, instead its focus is to offer you a simple and seamless way to join up and just find the sugar daddy or sugar baby you want. This is not a site only for millionaires like other sites will suggest, which is actually a good thing. Instead, it allows everyone to enter this dating world and just enjoy it. That’s great, it definitely offers the exposure and ideas you want to just make the process better and more convenient all the time.

It’s designed to offer enough features for those that already know the sugar baby experience but also simple enough for newcomers. Striking the balance between those ideas can be very hard at first, but Secret Benefits does a very good job at keeping things simple and not overly complicated. Which is great because you will have tons of unique options in there.

Sign up and login

signup page of secretbenefits.comWe found that signing up to the service is very seamless and also quite simple too. You enter the website, press Sign up and they allow you to sign up really quickly. Enter your credentials, activate the account and you are good to go. There’s no need to verify your account, no matter if you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. Some would like sugar daddies to be able to have some sort of verification, but that’s not the case here. It makes the sign-up process fast and convenient, but it does rely on the truthfulness of users. Which can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing at times. Honestly it depends on how you choose to see this kind of stuff.

In our case we were able to sign up and login seamlessly, creating an account was quite fast and we liked the fact that you do have a wide array of filters in there too. When you enter a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship it can be overwhelming to see so many buttons and stuff like that. Which is why it does make a lot of sense to just take your time and take things in the best way that you can. With Secret Benefits you actually get a very good way to tackle this type of relationship.


You get those filters that let you know exactly what you need to do, how the website works and how you can explore and enjoy everything in there. The entire process is seamless and while the interface can look cheap due to that, in the end it all comes down to how much fun you are having and there’s definitely a great number of fun moments for you to explore and enjoy in here.

We do believe that the design is amazing, but the problem is that in making things simpler it can become a bit cheap for those that don’t really visit this kind of website. But once you create the account and visit the website you will clearly see the features and what the site can offer.

Members and messaging

Members list of

You can find around 1 million members on Secret Benefits. Granted, many of them are obviously on other websites too, but it’s still nice to see that there are lots of people here. As you can imagine, the number of members is split pretty evenly between sugar babies and sugar daddies. We liked the fact that there’s a pretty good split when it comes to age and ethnicity. Which means that you will have no problem finding the person that you are looking for. That’s great because it gives that unique sense of value and quality while also keeping things seamless and at a very professional level. It doesn’t take that much time as you try to find everything, but in the end the results can be among some of the best.

As a sugar baby you can choose to offer pay to see private albums, free public albums and so on. That’s an interesting approach because it allows you to interact with people and just talk in a way that really works for you. That doesn’t mean you have to pay to see images, but if you want more of the juicier ones or just more images in particular, then you have to use credits.

Also, you will need to use credits if you want to talk with other members. Sugar babies will usually expect men to get in touch with them, so they don’t really pay. But sugar daddies on the other hand will have to pay and that’s an important aspect to keep in mind. What we found on the site is that they do end up making the experience very seamless and rewarding but also interesting and unique at the same time. You do want to explore all these ideas and options while still enjoying all the unique benefits brought to the table in a very creative and powerful manner and while there are limitations Secret Benefits does deliver what you want.

Important features

Verify photos page of

We did notice some features that we need to talk about. Photo verification for example assures you that the match you will find is very accurate. This is a really interesting feature that’s hardly found out there, so seeing this here is very impressive. The credit-based payment system is very appealing and it allows you to keep under control every action that you want to do. Not all actions are paid for, but some are and you will have to keep that in mind as you strive to make the experience even better and more interesting than ever before. It does take a while for you to access everything and in the end that’s the aspect to consider with a situation like this.


One of the most important things about Secret Benefits is that they are browsing profiles all the time and they remove spam accounts. If the community reports any accounts then they are taken down, and the website itself is removing spam accounts. These are all things that any site like this needs to do. It allows us to maintain a rich and powerful community, and in the end, it just makes the entire experience feel better and more seamless than ever before.

However, Secret Benefits does collect and also store all your personal information that you provide. It only shows the information you want to other users, which is important to consider when you want to use a website like this. That being said, you do have the SSL protocol to ensure that any website visits and payments are very secure. You do receive a tremendous result and value, so all in all this is an incredible experience and something that you will enjoy all the same. It’s a rewarding approach for a website of this caliber.

Customer service

Overall, we are happy with the Secret Benefits customer service. They are very fast, reliable and they do deliver all the help you need pretty fast. They are super reliable, easy to work with and we got a reply in 10-15 minutes at most. Considering the size of the site and how many members are there, this is a very good response time. And they are also very friendly and actually care about solving the problem which is always a plus.


Upgrade page of

  • $59 for 100 credits       ($0.59/credit)
  • $169 for 500 credits     ($0.34/credit)
  • $289 for 1000 credits   ($0.29/credit)



The Secret Benefits credits are a bit expensive, but if you get past that you will notice that this is a very interesting site to work with. They have all the features you would want from a dating experience and it also has lots of members too. It’s the diversity and uniqueness provided by this website that really pushes the experience to new heights while also keeping it pretty simple and not overly obtrusive. It’s worth checking out if you are a fan of sugar daddy-sugar baby experiences. Just don’t let the simple design fool you, it’s a good site with nice features.


  • The credit-based system makes payments simpler and under your control
  • Sugar babies don’t have to pay for anything
  • The interface is great
  • Photo verification system helps you avoid fake profiles.


  • Credits are rather expensive
  • No App
  • No wealth verification
  • At first the interface feels cheap

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