Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Whats Your Price Review

Whats Your Price
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Editor’s Review

What’s Your Price

WhatsYourPrice is a sugar dating website created back in 2010 by Brandon Wade. If you find this website similar to one like Seeking Arrangement, that’s because they have the same founder. Since Seeking is one of the top sugar dating professionals out here, having another website from the same founder is reassuring. But we really needed more sugar dating websites? It all comes down to a matter of perspective. Yes, we do need sugar dating experiences like these because every website a difference.

How does WhatsYourPrice work?

a profile of

One of the important aspects and the reason why WhatsYourPrice exists is that here you are actually bidding on dates. You won’t have to worry about actually trying to make a person date you once you become a member. Instead, you will be able to bid for another member. The other member can accept your bid and when that happens you have to cover that amount per date and the paying expenses.

An interesting thing is that both men and women can bid on the date and they will find it an experience that they can both cherish and have fun with all the time. The website works in a variety of different locations, but most of the time it tends to have people from Canada, the UK and the USA. Other countries are there too, but if you want the best prices as a whole, this seems to be where it’s at for the entire sugar experience presented here.

Not having to send messages to date other people takes a bit from the romantic experience of it all. But it shows the true purpose of WhatsYourPrice, which is to allow people to pay for dates. There are older women paying for young men to go on a date too. So it really is a jack of all trades website that really brings in front exactly the stuff you need without having to worry about anything.

Profile creation

Despite the fact that you won’t really focus on conversations on this website, you will need to create a profile. And the reason for that is every person gets to see the other one’s profile before placing the bid. If you are a sugar baby and you want men to place bids for you, then your profile and your pics need to be very interesting and exciting. You have to identify the best way to grab attention and that will certainly become one of the top aspects that you want to think about as much as possible.

You are not limited to certain things or anything like that. You can add all the information you want on the website or you can keep things more private if you want. But if you want people to bid for you, making your profile attractive is a must. You also need to be honest, that’s obviously a requisite here. After all, this is a website about being discrete and dating in a very different way. If you really want to use this dating approach, you do want to respect the website rules and the other people that you are interacting with.


You are allowed to send messages to other people. The only thing to note here is that you can only do that after the profile is verified. So that means you will need to wait a little bit. But not for a whole lot, as the profile tends to be verified within an hour. They are not very restrictive, which can be a good and a bad thing. The bad thing here is that a lot of scammers can create fake accounts and spam the dating process. Which is a shame, because that’s the type of thing that you really want to avoid as much as possible. But if you get past that, you will find that this is a very exciting experience.

When it comes to messaging, you will be able to open a chat room. You will receive a specific label on the site based on your donations. You will have attractive monikers for those that receive lots of bids and very generous for active bidders. This way people that bid a lot or which receive a lot of bids can easily find each other. It’s a great idea to be honest and we find to improve and provide some great results and ideas all the time without rushing you to make any specific decisions or anything like that.

Website design

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The overall design of your website is very interesting. It looks very modern and you will find it nice to browse through. We like this approach a lot because it pretty much helps you browse the entire experience and connect with other people very easily. It doesn’t stand in your way which is always a plus, all you have to do is to make the right choice and give it a shot if possible. It’s a great opportunity for sure, so you may want to check it out.

Unlike other sugar dating websites, this one actually focuses a lot on the website design and we appreciate that. Having this type of approach really helps and it certainly brings in that sense of happiness and value that you always wanted. Once you have that ready to go, the approach will be second to none and you should totally check it out. That’s definitely something that you want to think about, and in the end, you need to eliminate all of that in a clever manner.


Verify your email on

The WhatsYourPrice security is pretty good. Adding in HTTPS on their website is great, after all there are membership fees and transactions you have to make, so being able to have a good and reputable purchase system is very important and without any major worries. That’s definitely something that you will like a lot and it will give you access to some really impressive experiences.

They are encrypting your personal info in order to keep it safe, something that we found very important to think about. That’s the thing that you really want to consider, the fact that there are many options to pursue here and since none of your data is actually sent to third parties, you will find that the outcome is very good. They do have a very in dept privacy policy and website terms page where you can pretty much learn everything there is to learn about this. That’s great, because it gives all the control and efficiency that you want for this website. And it will be totally worth the effort based on my experience.

This is a legal website, despite the fact that it involves bidding for dates. Which means you don’t have to worry about the legality of it all to begin with.

Costs and pricing

It will cost you $50 to pass the phone verification procedure. This is a good idea to have if you want to step away from scammers. It’s definitely an extra cost for something that should be free, but in the end, you choose to do this or you ignore it.

The bids you place on WhatsYourPrice are using your own credits. As a result, you will be able to buy credits from WhatsYourPrice and you can feel free to use as many as you want. The price for 100 credits is $50, 450 credits cost you $150 and 1000 credits are going to set you back $250. The idea is that the more credits you buy, the less expensive it will be.

The membership fees of

  • 100 credit package for $50
  • 450 credit package for $150 (saving 33.3% off the regular price)
  • 1000 credit package for $250 (saving 50% off the regular price)

It’s nice to see that they are not rushing you to pay for anything and instead you are free to choose when and how you experience the process. Which is great, because the experience is always very rewarding as long as you stick to the rules. The purchase process itself went great, we had no issues and you won’t have any issues either. They do have a customer support team in case you want to get in touch with them.


Should you use WhatsYourPrice? It all comes down to how you like their bidding system for dates. It’s something very different and distinctive, so you do want to test it out on your own and give it a try if you can. It really is very exciting and powerful to use as a website. Having to pay for the phone verification is not really a good idea, but the overall website design and the bidding system itself make it very exciting to use. If you get past the minor hurdles, it can be fun to use!

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