Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Sugar Daddie Review

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Editor’s Review

 What’s Sugar Daddie

Sugar Daddie is one of the most interesting websites out there that you can use to start a sugar daddy relationship. The focus of this website is to make it easy for sugar babies and sugar daddies to find each other. It’s a very professional approach and one that helps you connect with sugar babies in a much easier way than ever before. Adaptability is crucial for a website like this, and once you do it right nothing will stand in your way.

Creating a profile

Sugar Daddie is restricted to the US, UK and Australia. That’s not really a great thing to have, because it brings in issues like people from other countries not being able to access it. Yet despite that there are 5 million accounts in total and it’s clear that you will find the website very professional and with lots of people once you get access to it. The problem is just that, getting access to it can be the tricky side of things.

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As you enter Sugar Daddie you can create a personal profile and then you can fill it out the way you want. There are members from various groups and at a variety of ages, so there’s always a very easy way to find people to connect with and talk with. That’s exciting and it gives you exactly the type of value that you want without any hassle. Adapting all of that is not going to be easy, but if you do it right, the payoff itself can be among some of the best.

You can find singles interested in casual dates here, but also young females that want some financial support. It’s a mutually beneficial situation. And while it will seem controversial at first, the payoff itself is among some of the best. You have people in their 20s or their 30s, so there’s a large range of sugar babies here. Sugar daddies tend to be slightly older, but it’s still an exciting thing nonetheless. There are mostly older men than women here, with most men being between 35-54.

The signup process itself takes around 3 minutes. They don’t require a huge amount of information about you, which we liked. The profile itself can be rather barebones, but you do need to send a primary photo. And we like the fact that it can be removed if you want to, which is a wonderful experience in a situation like this.

Website design

home page on

The overall website design for Sugar Daddie is very similar to other websites in this field. You would totally expect that, but we like the fact that they are trying some new stuff when it comes to having new members on the side. Otherwise, you have all the dashboard content at the upper side of the screen and then you can access everything without a problem. That’s definitely worth the effort and you will find it very appealing and distinctive. You do want to check it out and give it a try, to the point where it will bring in the most important results out there.

Sending messages

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Making contact on Sugar Daddie is actually very easy and convenient. The most important aspect here is that you can be connected with others via a matching feature. That’s a very good feature actually and it will give you quite a lot of information here which is always a plus. You are free to search as many profiles as you want and you can also search profile list members. There’s no alternative way to contact other than having someone contact you unless you pay.

Even reading messages is not allowed, because it’s a paid feature. That’s not really good for a website of this caliber that has been around for a while. It’s the type of thing that you want to avoid and it just makes a lot of sense to give this a try and test it out at a very professional level. But remember, you can only test it if you pay for it, although you could eventually ask for a refund.

The messaging system itself is going to be very impressive and distinctive at the same time, since you can connect with virtual gifts, winks and so on. While it’s not the ultimate messaging system on a sugar baby website, it definitely serves its purpose and for the most part you will like it. Yes, it could be better implemented in some cases, but in the end that’s what really matters, how you choose to use it and how it can be adapted to the process itself.

Profile features

In regards to profile features, Sugar Daddie really stands out with the fact that you can upload up to 12 photos. They aren’t that restrictive here and you can personalize the profile in any way you want without having to worry about anything here. The problem is that only people that pay will be able to see all images you posted. Otherwise they can only see the profile pictures. But you can add profile information and the primary photo a bit later, which is a very important aspect to keep in mind.

That being said, they put a lot of emphasis on you answering all the necessary questions properly and the first time. Which is actually something everyone needs to do, because it’s an introduction to a new person, the first thing you want is to be introduced adequately and not have to worry about any challenges and problems like that which might arise from time to time. It’s nice that you can be as private or as public as you want with the entire content, which is very important.


Just like any other sugar daddy websites, Sugar Daddie does have its fair share of people that are scammers and spammers. So based on my experience, you will end up with quite a lot of spam in your inbox. You should always try to contact and connect with other people on your own.

This way you can step away from spammers and it will be a very good idea to keep in mind. The most important aspect is that you can report spammers and based on my experience the site does a very good job at removing them pretty quickly. Which is great, because there’s a lot of convenience and value to be had with this.


The fact that Sugar Daddie is restricted to Australia, UK and the US is a clear sign that they want to remove international spammers. Instead, they want to focus only on the English-speaking country and that restriction itself really helps you quite a bit. What you will like here is that they do have HTTPS support and basically all the other features that you may need from a website like this.

Everything went fine during the payment process and there were no issues with the site afterwards. They do have a reporting system in case some people use the site unlawfully. And you will always be safe, your data is not stolen, so all in all you are getting a really good set of results every time with this site.


Sugar Daddie is very expensive. It will cost you 39.99 USD / Month, if you choose 3 months it will be 26.66 USD / Month. They also have the 6-month package at 22.49 USD / Month and the 12 month package that will cost you 14.16 USD every month. These are pretty high prices, considering that paying the fee just allows you to post on the forum, send and read messages or use the instant messaging system.

upgrade page of

  • $39.99 per month.
  • $79.99 for 3 months of premium membership.
  • $134.99 for a 6 month premium subscription.
  • Annual membership is charged at $169.99.

Things like adding favorites, uploading photos and viewing member pictures are free, although you just see the main image. The fee is too high considering you roughly get a few features. And while they are adding in some information here and there, you will find that the experience itself will be very interesting.

Is it a good option or not?

Sugar Daddie has some great features like Meet My Match which helps you find a match fast and it also has forums where you can interact with other paid members. Many of the younger sugar babies won’t pay to access the forum, so that’s a wasted opportunity. The price is higher than many competitors too. Yet on the other hand, the security features are great and regional restriction actually helps you a lot. It certainly delivers the results you expect and you should totally consider giving this a try. However, keep in mind the restrictions and pricing before you go into it!

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