Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Sugar Babies Review
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Editor’s Review

What’s Sugar Babies is the type of website that a lot of people will love because it’s really simple, and seamless and you will have the features you want whenever you need them. It’s always creative to have features like these that really push the boundaries and make it easy for you to reap all the benefits at a very creative level.

When you explore a sugar baby website you really have to know what you are getting into. And is the type of site seamlessly designed specifically for quick and reliable dating without a problem. They really went all out with the mobile experience too, as you have both an Android and iOS app that helps make the dating process less awkward and a lot more interesting. You can easily find the right sugar daddy and sugar baby, so it all comes down to figuring out what you need, whenever you need it and then just go from there.


When you visit the website you will find that the interface is pretty simple. Upon registering you will notice that colors change quite a lot. But the overall vibe and feel of the website is still all about not having too many colors and actively making it easy for you to date whoever you want in any way that you see fit.

Despite the fact that the color choice might not fit everyone, it does make feel more professional when compared to other sites that go with a more vibrant color spectrum. The website design is very adaptable to your own needs. You do have access to all the features and benefits and they also make it extremely easy to enjoy all content pieces without having to adapt and adjust all the time. Sorting is a breeze, so if you want to use any type of filters you can easily access those and use them on the fly. The page will refresh and you will access the profile you want very quickly.

Registering and logging in

register page on

You can register for in just a minute or less. That’s really good because you get to have immediate access to comprehensive profile creation. It’s nice to see that you can add as much or as little information as you want here. Of course you are encouraged to add a lot of info so you can find better matches. But the site doesn’t push you, if you don’t find it ok to share a lot of info about you then you can share only the necessary stuff. But you do need a photo, that’s a given.

Unlike other websites like this, doesn’t have regional restrictions. It’s available in 145 countries around the world. But it’s preferable to be from the US or the UK as you will find more matches. Even so, if you are from other regions you are still bound to have a very good time with the site and you can find matches.

As a sugar baby you can register for 100% free, the sugar daddies are the ones that have to pay for being a part of the site. Thankfully it’s not overly expensive and for the most part you will find the charges needed for maintaining the site itself, which is actually a very good thing.

Members and messaging

Members list of

You can’t send a message as a sugar daddy without paying a membership fee. That being said, it’s better this way because you will not have to worry about the process and the experience itself. The true benefit about using the messaging system is that you can talk with anyone and initiate a conversation. I like the fact that they don’t stop you from contacting others as long as you are a member. That being said, you will notice the website won’t push you to become a member. Only when you want to access paid features they bring you to the membership page. But it’s a very exciting and creative venture with lots of creative and fun ideas for you to explore and enjoy.

As for the members themselves, there’s a massive variety of people on The sugar daddies and sugar babies are from all over the world. There are roughly 30,000 sugar babies on the website alone, and you can check the profile of every sugar baby in no time. That says a lot and it gives you the unique benefit of browsing through hundreds of different profiles for free. Only if you want to get in touch with any person will you have to pay. That’s actually a very good thing and it lets you choose who you want to get in touch with and when you want to do that.


Verify photos page of’s security is very comprehensive. They automatically scan for random profiles that aren’t verified or which seem scammy and they delete them. On top of that, they have an in-depth user verification system too. So every sugar baby can be safe knowing the sugar daddy is there to be with her at any given time and he is not a scammer. Unfortunately the sugar daddy world is full of scammers and that’s something all of us want to avoid. But with the right approach and the best security features provided here you can stay away from that.

Another thing to note is that the website is fully protected, encrypted and any payments you make won’t be tracked to you. The great thing is that you still retain your anonymity without having to worry about how other people see you online, what they think about you and so on. That really bolsters you unique approach towards using, since you know the entire experience is private and you can enjoy it all the same.

Your profile can only be seen by the sugar babies, so you are not exposed in any way. In a world where we are all exposed to data theft and other stuff like that, it’s great to see that only a sugar baby will see your stuff. It’s a good idea, although still not fully proof since anyone can claim to be a sugar baby on the site. But just like checking sugar daddies, the website also checks sugar babies. I find that a bit helpful because they are requesting some form of identification to protect the sugar daddies too.


Like many other sites in the industry, also has a membership system and it’s designed to be very seamless and easy to understand. The idea is simple, for extra features like phone or video chat, live messaging, gifts, trips, travel proposals or any type of interaction between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby, the sugar daddy has to pay a fee. This is an incredibly important thing to consider when you want to use

upgrade page of sugarbabies.coThere are 3 payment options here, you can pay for a month $30, for 2 months it costs $50 and for 3 months you pay $60. They don’t have a yearly option which is a bit strange, but aside from that you don’t really have to worry about anything which is always an interesting thing to have with this.

One thing I would like to point out is that the option will renew every time the selection period has passed. So you have to cancel the subscription or it will continue. That’s ok for most people, but it would be great to not have it automatically renew, because it can renew out of nowhere without you knowing.

They also have a generous elite thing where you have to pay $20 extra per month regardless of the option you chose. This one will give you an elite badge. It shows that you are a generous, elite and fully verified sugar daddy. That’s quite an interesting thing for people that use such a site, so you may have to take that into consideration. It’s not mandatory, but you do support the site and you have a way  to show that you are generous which is helpful.

Conclusion is one of the sugar daddy sites where you will have access to a large database of sugar babies and they are also very secure. They care about your anonymity and they work very hard to ensure that your information stays private. On top of that, you have the membership system which gives you access to just about anything you want to do on the site.

I am glad they didn’t go with the points system where you constantly have to buy points or coins so you can complete a task on the site. It does make a lot of sense to use a membership with unlimited access because it can be hard to find the right person you want to date here. For the most part is a very good site, it has a wonderful interface, although for some it might take a bit of getting used to.

Pros and cons


  • A very professional, simplistic website design
  • Very focused on privacy and keeping you safe online
  • No hidden fees
  • Fair membership system with discounts


  • The color scheme is not for everyone
  • They have no smartphone app
  • There are plenty of inactive accounts

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