Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Sugar Daddy For Me Review

Sugar Daddy For Me
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Editor’s Review

What’s Sugar Daddy For Me

At its core, the main focus of SugarDaddyForMe is to make all sugar relationships easy and less complicated than before. That’s the reason why the website was started years ago and it continues to grow and shine in amazing ways all the time. That being said, they are trying to expand and provide some nice ideas and features, and you need to test things out in a creative manner.

Signing Up

sign up page of

The sign-up process for SugarDaddyForMe is very simple. They are bringing you a 3-day trial to test things out and see how everything works for yourself. It requires you to add in just as much information as you want. It’s not the simplest way to meet other people, but the sign up is functional and you can at least share only the information you want. That’s making things a tad easier and with less restrictions, things are definitely becoming better and better.

It will take a little bit to adjust and adapt to the process, but at the end of the day the most important aspect is growth, value and perspective. Adding all of these things into the mix is what matters. Thankfully SugarDaddyForMe is all about making things easier in the sugar dating world, and while the login process can be better, there are definitely things for you to check out and pursue in a much more immersive and professional perspective no matter the situation.

Website design

home page of

This is where there are some problems. The main issue with SugarDaddyForMe is that they still have the same old, dated interface. You will visit the site right away and you will immediately notice that it doesn’t look ok at all. It looks old and dated, and that’s unfortunate because the site does include some modern features in all of that. At the end of the day however they still give you the features you want, so that’s the most important aspect. But they are missing some stuff and it might be a challenge more often than not. If you get past it, you will notice the experience shines and the outcome itself will be extremely interesting and distinctive.


members list of

Since the website has been around for a very long time, there are a ton of inactive profiles and that can obviously be quite the issue more often than not. When you try to find people in a certain group and which pertain to certain search options, you don’t really expect to see inactive profiles. But sometimes they do pop up. Thankfully the SugarDaddyForMe algorithm has changed quite a lot in recent years and it still brings in the type of gratitude and value that you may need. It’s certainly immersive and impressive for what it is.

When it comes to what you can do and add, things are different here. You can upload as many images as you want, and the profile will be approved in 10 minutes. That’s quite interesting, having a system to approve profiles makes sense on a sugar website, and here the system actually detects if you create a random profile or if you are actually serious based on how you create your website. They are not doing any background checks, which is an important thing to keep in mind.

If you don’t really care about that, it will be well worth it to just create the profile and just go from there. It does make a lot of sense to test this out and use it in a reliable manner, and once you start using it the payoff itself can be quite good and unique at the same time. Nothing is really impossible and if you do it right it will totally be worth it.


Messages inbox page of

All the free members can only send 3 messages per day. They are not restricting you to how many messages you can send if you are a Premium member. However, the fact that even free users get to send at least a few messages is great. Most sugar websites just don’t do that and they maintain a true focus on making you pay for that. On the other hand, this does such a thing too, at least to some extent. The idea here is that they will encourage you to start a conversation and those usually take more than 3 messages. But it’s still nice.

When it comes to the messaging page, it’s similar to an email system where you can send images, see what was received and so on. The system also suffers from the same issue like the website itself, it feels dated and not really fully in line with the rest of the website. That being said, if you just created a profile you need to wait for approval before you send messages. Which makes sense, they want to curate the profiles and not have random profiles sending random messages to people. It’s a great approach in here.

User experience

profile photos of

As a free user you can see only 3 photos from the other users, even if they have more. Again, this is a restriction to make you pay but you will find it ok anyway to have access to at least 3. Other websites in this field just don’t do such a thing, so you really have to take this into consideration and use it to your own advantage. But at least the profiles are very detailed and there’s a lot of stuff in there. Which is good, because you get that sense of quality, immersion and professionalism that more often than not will not be a part of such an experience.

Thankfully the profile information can be changed at any given time and your profile picture can be seen by everyone. That means the profile picture and the first few pics are crucial as they will be free for everyone to see, so they have to be the most important ones. Or you go the other way around and use them more as a teaser.

SugarDaddyForMe doesn’t have a mobile app available. It’s a bummer for me, because this is one of the oldest sugar websites and people expected to see a mobile app. But unfortunately you have to stick to the website.


As we mentioned earlier, they do have some interesting ideas such as approving your profile within 10 minutes of its creation so they can see if you are bringing another random profile or if you are serious about dating. On top of that, they do have HTTPS implemented, although the images are not secure.

During the entire process I didn’t encounter any issues. Everything worked as expected, and the support system that they provide is actually very friendly and professional. So if you need assistance from them they will give it to you and they will be very nice more often than not. Which is a shocker for a lot of people as you might imagine, as not all sugar sites are so accommodating.


Prices are interesting here. The Silver membership is 39.95 USD, Silver Membership + Total Access (standard users are allowed to contact you) is 54.90 USD, Gold is 44.95 USD and Gold Membership + Total Access is 59.90 USD. These are monthly prices however, which makes SugarDaddyForMe extremely expensive for a lot of people. We didn’t find discounts if you want to pay for more than a month, as their main focus is for a monthly system here.

You can sign up as a standard member to use some of the free site features. This site offers a 3-day free trial membership for newly joined members to try and learn this site well. The premium membership costs are stated as below:

upgrade page of

  • Silver Membership – $39.95 per month
  • Gold Membership – $44.95 per month
  • Total access add-on: $14.95 per month

The 3-day free trial membership will renew automatically unless you cancel it by yourself.  Also, there’s no online payment support at all. Instead, you have just credit card and cheque. It’s definitely outdated in this perspective. But at the same time, all data is saved in a database, it’s encrypted so that might not be a problem when it comes to security. Understanding the process and making things work is a part of the challenge itself, but it’s totally worth the effort and for the most part you will be impressed and immersed with how everything comes together and what you can do here.


SugarDaddyForMe stands out because it has accessibility here. Even if you don’t have a profile you can see other profiles and you can figure out if you actually need to create a profile and talk with other people. Sugar daddies will like this a lot because most of the accounts are created by women here. So there’s a vast range of options to keep in mind, and that’s something that you really need to consider.

The payment system is definitely a bit outdated just like the interface, but if you get past that you will have a huge population of sugar daddies and sugar babies here. Keep in mind that some profiles can be inactive, but those that are active will talk often and they are willing to pay the large fees associated with using this website! If you get past all of that, SugarDaddyForMe is a very good, secure sugar dating website, so it’s well worth a try!

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