Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020

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Editor’s Review

What’s is by far one of the most popular dating websites for sugar daddies and sugar babies. I’ve been a part of the industry for a very long time and on its own has been here for more than a decade. What really makes it unique is the fact that it’s designed to offer a very good experience for both young ladies and wealthy men. Aside from its great experience, the site also has a great array of features that will bring you optimal visual appeal, high-quality ideas, and a creative set of options that you just can’t find on other websites all the time.


When you visit, you will immediately notice that the interface is fast and seamless. They are not over-encumbered, something I like a lot. Usually dating sites like this tend to add in too much information in a single place and that just makes things uneven and not that appealing. With I believe they found the perfect way to help you log in and access the features you want while ignoring the ones that you may not need. mobileThe website is designed to be mobile-friendly, which is extremely important since a lot of sugar daddies and sugar babies only want to visit it from their mobile phone, so this actually comes in handy quite nicely. I didn’t have any issue with the design itself, for me this is fully functional and it gives the access I need to all the stuff I really want. And that certainly helps a lot.

Sign up and login

Creating an account is seamless, in my experience this took just 2 minutes. You have to verify the email, but other than that you don’t have to worry about anything else. Just like many other similar sites, requires you to verify the account only if you are a sugar daddy. They do this to protect sugar babies (which can access the site and register free of charge). The website does a very good job at letting you know about all requirements.

Speaking of checking the sugar daddies, the site requires them to earn at least $100000 per year if not more than that. The idea is to offer protection to sugar babies and that’s definitely something that will help quite a lot in a situation like this. That being said, upon registering I found that you do have geographical restrictions. The website requires you to be from the US, UK, Australia or Canada. It’s quite restrictive in this sense, which may or may not be a problem for some people. That is, sugar daddies can be from there, and sugar babies can be from other regions but it’s recommended to be from the same region as the sugar daddy just to be safe.

Members and messaging

profile page of

When it comes to messaging, is quite unique because it doesn’t require you to pay to send someone a message. Usually you are required to do that, but if you have a membership you can contact other people without a problem. But there is a catch though. They understand some people can abuse a membership system so only if you are a membership payer can you contact people.

What that means is sugar babies can’t contact a sugar daddy. They can create the website profile for free and showcase their pics, what they are looking for, and so on, however, you can expect to pay for a membership if you want to get in touch with other users. That’s rather normal and expected for something like this.

The messaging system itself is very simple. You have chat, and instant messenger features, so you can easily get in touch with the sugar baby that you want. They are fully committed to the best results which is always a good thing, so it’s recommended to just test them out and use this service. They do have a 3-day trial with full VIP access so you can see how everything is before you pay. The fact that messaging is locked behind a paywall can be a bit sad for some people, but then again it improves safety on the platform and that’s always important.

Security and safety is a website that takes security very seriously. Not only do they have HTTPS support, but at the same time they rely on secure payment systems too. This way you won’t have to worry about paying the membership and accessing it as you go along. The main benefit of is that they also focus on privacy too.

Credit card statements will not be released on the name, nor do you have to worry about your chat history or anything being transcribed online. They encrypt all conversations and the website itself uses state of the art security systems and encryption for all information. They understand that sensitive data is extremely easy to access, so they do everything in their power to ensure all customers won’t have to deal with any issues. This is maybe for the best because customers have immediate access to the results, they want without having to pay a huge amount, to begin with.


upgrade page of

If you want to be a member for the long term you will need to pay a membership per month. I like the fact that they don’t have automatic rebilling, which means you can pay for a month and not have to worry about canceling. You won’t be billed again, although you will receive a notice that your subscription is almost done.

I like the fact that the more you choose to subscribe, the less you pay. The membership price is $39.95 per month. So it’s a very good idea to opt for longer periods of time. Yet if you just want to be subscribed for a few months this works seamlessly and it will give you access to a large pool of people that you can interact with and talk to. The diamond membership is $44.95, but the interesting thing is that Diamond gives extra stuff like profile highlighting, fast profile approval, top placement in searches, and smart match detection emails. Obviously, these things are not mandatory and you can live without them. But for just $5 more or so, this is actually a pretty good deal. And you should totally check it out.

It’s nice to see that you are not forced into an automatic subscription and the prices are ok considering how large the community is and the feature set that you can get access to. Granted, most people will just need a month or two at most, but if you want to stay subscribed and you can’t find the sugar baby you want, then that will be more than ok. Getting a deeper discount always helps, and the site does a very good job in this regard.

Overall user experience

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When you use sugar daddy and sugar baby websites, you always end up overwhelmed with information and that’s not what you receive here. does a very good job at keeping things safe and ready to go while still caring about your privacy and any issues that can/may arise. Yes, it does take a bit of time to get used to the interface and sometimes the website loads quite slow. But then again here you have the best sugar baby and sugar daddy database on the market and you do want to check it out and give it a try if possible. It’s a very good website for sugar daddy dating and it comes with all kinds of filters that make it easy to find the person you want.

What will strike you as very interesting on is how easy the site will adapt to your own requirements. You have all the features you need already good to go, and the quality as well as the experience of it all really pushes the boundaries and makes things unique and fun here.

They do require verification, but then again that’s for the best as it helps avoid all kinds of scammers that are obviously lurking the internet trying to find a person you want. So in the end it’s all worth it if you are indeed serious to use this website in the long run.


Overall, I believe that is worth your website. It’s very convenient to use, and while some of the visuals can be improved, it functions well and it has a huge database of people for you to peruse. Granted, it takes a bit of time to load sometimes, yet in the end what matters is that you can find people and meet them without a problem. You just have to check out the website and there’s no issue to find the type of sugar baby or sugar daddy that you want.

Pros and cons


  • Not that expensive
  • A huge database to browse through
  • Sugar babies can use the site for free
  • Verification system for sugar daddies
  • Fully optimized for mobile users


  • The interface can be improved a bit
  • The site can take a little to load at times

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