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Best Sugar Daddy Websites | Top Sugar Daddy Websites 2020


What Should Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies Pay Attention to During the COVID-19 Crisis?

what should you pay attention to during COVID 19 crisis

Nobody believed until recently that we’ll end up fighting against an invisible enemy. The COVID-19 outbreak changed the lives of so many people around the globe, threatening them and, in the worst-case scenario, even taking their lives away. So, regardless of how inconvenient this is for you, it’s best, for now, to do whatever you can to stay safe. Yes, there might be people you miss and there might be people you would like to meet, but it would be wiser to wait for a little longer until things are safe for all of us.

If you’re using a sugar daddy website, or you plan on using one, you’re probably wondering how this health-related crisis will affect you. What if you meet someone you really like? Or what to do if want to maintain the relationship you established before the COVID-19 outbreak? For things to return to normal as fast as they can after the crisis is over, it is important for all sugar daddies and sugar babies to stay safe during this period. So, here is what you can do to get through this period better.

Communication has been improved by the advance of technology

We have to remind ourselves that the advancement of technology made communication easier and more convenient for us these days. We no longer have to send letters or use the phone alone to get in touch with someone. Technology and, most importantly, the Internet made things much better for us all. Today, it doesn’t matter where you live, as it is possible to contact people across the world. Furthermore, you can even see them as you talk, through video chat services on sugar daddy apps. So, it is easy to see just how far things went and how easy it is to communicate these days. If you miss someone, in particular, a real-time video chat will solve this for you.

Of course, you always have phone calls, e-mail, and messages available for communication. Thus, it is easy for a sugar baby or sugar daddy to communicate by using any of the available means. For now, we will have to be thankful for having so many options and be happy to use them, as they keep us safe while allowing us to stay in touch.

Resist the temptation to meet new people during this period

When using online sugar daddy dating sites, especially as a sugar baby, you may end up meeting new people, even during this period. Because very many people are freer than usual, working at home or working less than usual, a good number will use online services more than they used to. Thus, there are high chances to meet very many people. Some of them may be of interest to you, so you may be tempted to meet them in real life as well. However, it is strongly recommended not to do so for the moment. This virus is invisible and you never know where it may be. So, even if someone has the best intentions in the world, he or she may still be a carrier for this virus.

In other words, there a strong recommended to avoid any kind of social contact, even with the people you know and feel safe with. For the moment, stay apart is the best way to prevent the virus from harming us. During this period, it is worth waiting a little longer than risk getting infected. Life will resume at one point and we need to be happy and healthy when this happens.

Do your best to protect yourself and stay safe

It may be hard to let go of all the things you used to enjoy during the day. You’re not the only one that had to put her or his plans on hold because of the COVID-19 outbreak. It is disappointing and frustrating for very many people, but it is also necessary to do so until the danger is gone. This is a virus that can affect anyone, regardless of age and health status. Also, it’s never known how the virus will act once it enters an organism. You may not experience anything, you may present mild symptoms, or you may have your life endangered due to respiratory deficiency.

This is why it is worth taking into account the recommendations formulated by specialists. Pay attention to your personal hygiene and wash your hands as often as possible. Don’t touch your face if your hands are not disinfected. Go out only if necessary and protect yourself if you do so. Wear gloves and a mask, and stay at an adequate distance from others. And, most of all, take good care of yourself. Now it’s the best time to self-improve and self-care. Read, learn something new, take good care of yourself, and enjoy the things you couldn’t before because of lack of time.

Make the most of the time you spend in the comfort of your home

There is also a good side to all this social distancing. Because we have to wait until we can go on a date with someone, we might very well use this time to get to know a person better. This way, we won’t rush into anything and by the time the crisis is over, we will know if we truly want to meet that person or not. So, use this to your advantage and utilize all the websites & apps available on online sugar daddy dating platforms to get to know someone you just met. This is the best time to meet more than one person, deciding who is a better match for you. Thus, once life gets back to normal, you’ll know what choice to make.

While the changes that happen because of COVID-19 may make us uncomfortable, not all of them are bad. We finally have more time for ourselves and more time to get to know the people around us, from a safe distance. As a sugar baby or sugar daddy using online sugar daddy dating services, this is even more important. Because life slowed down at the moment, we have the opportunity to restart everything in the best way possible. So, let us use this time to pave the road to our desired future in the best way possible.

Fred Lauina

Fred Lauina

Fred Lauina joined sugar dating niche in 2009 and has been in this industry more than 11 years now. Starting from online marketing, then customer service, product planning, and finally management, so he has rich experience in sugar dating. He is willing to share some experiences and skills in sugar dating to help everyone find a suitable mutually beneficial relationship as soon as possible.


What It’s Really Like to Be A Sugar Baby

The dating world is constantly changing and different forms and ways of dating are introduced every single day. One of the latest and hottest trends in the world of dating right now is none other than sugar daddy dating.

What is Sugar Daddy Dating?

Sugar Daddy Dating at Night

For those who haven’t heard of it yet, which is impossible unless you have been living under a rock all these days, sugar daddy dating is a form of casual and upfront dating. Sugar daddies/mommies and sugar babies express upfront what they want and expect from the relationship when it comes to romance, adventure, fun, and fulfillment of the needs of both parties involved. Enjoyment and fun are at the center of sugar daddy relationship. There are no set requirements and every single aspect of the relationship has been agreed by the sugar baby and the sugar daddy/mommy.

Now that you know what sugar daddy dating is all about, maybe you are curious to know what it is like to be a sugar baby.

Below are some of the things that you can expect from being a sugar baby:

Regular Allowance at Your Disposal

The first one is definitely a no-brainer. The best and most wonderful advantage associated with becoming a sugar baby is receiving a full-time paycheck regularly with no need for you to commit to a full-time job.

The amount of allowance you will receive basically covers all of your needs for your expenses for the month, including food, tuition, rent, and bills times two. This is usually more than enough to last you for the month.

Enjoy Loads of Free Time

Free time is no doubt a luxury that you can never say no to. There are even instances when free time is a much better luxury more than money itself. Having enough free time on your hands to do all of the things and activities you love is pure heaven. Can you imagine not having to work a full-time job and still enjoy a luxurious life? Now, isn’t it just the best thing ever?

One more wonderful thing about the free time you will get is your chance to learn more new skills and improve yourself with no need to tire yourself out every single day going to work that only leads to a dead end.

You can make the most out of this free time by taking on courses that will further boost your resume, trying out an internship that could pave the way for a career shift, or pick up new hobbies that can turn into a source of income down the road.

Gain Knowledge Based on Experience

The last and definitely not the least of the intangible benefits that a sugar baby gets to enjoy is none other than experiential knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are already a sugar baby or you have plans to become one in the near future. You can always take advantage of this final benefit since this is probably the most useful and helpful thing that you can get out of being in a sugar daddy relationship.

A sugar daddy who can easily afford spending thousands of dollars just to take care of all your needs on a regular basis has surely done something right in terms of his finances. Make sure you learn from him. Ask him questions. Find out he has been doing things. Ask him to tell you how he thinks of things.

While it a good thing to have a sugar daddy who can provide you with all your needs and wants, wouldn’t it be better if he can also teach you how to achieve things by yourself? After all, this is what sugar relationships are all about. It is a give and take relationship where both parties improve, grow, and succeed to become better persons.

Important Rules to Remember if You are an Aspiring Sugar Baby

A beautiful sugar baby with a sweet smile

If you are thinking of giving sugar lifestyle a try, here are several important rules that every sugar baby should follow:

1. Be honest all the time.

The best sugar relationships are formed out of honesty, and not just any honesty but complete honesty. Honesty lets both parties know what they will get into, what should be expected from the other person, and what the other person expects of them. Don’t beat around the bush. Be outright and straightforward without keeping any secrets.

2. Never forget who you are.

Being a sugar baby is the perfect chance for you to discover yourself even further. Before you embark on your journey as a sugar baby, it is always best that you know your sugar self first. It means that as a sugar baby, you should know that you are fun, intriguing, and hot in every sense of the word. You might forget how precious of a gem you are if you are asked to wash the plates.

However, when you are a sugar baby, all of your imperfections are the very things that make you perfect. If you can never convince yourself that you are a jewel, don’t expect that sugar daddies will see you as one. The real secret to becoming a successful sugar baby is knowing your true value and worth. You must also be able to add value to the lives of people around you, particularly the life of your sugar daddy.

3. Accept gifts with all your heart.

The moment you become a sugar baby, you know that you will become the beneficiary of financial benefits coming from men who don’t have any issues in showering you with all the gifts and treats you deserve. Don’t feel guilty or anxious if you are presented with a large amount of cash or a luxurious gift. Remember that your role in the sugar daddy relationship is to graciously accept all the perks that your sugar daddy has to offer.

Do you think you are fit to become a sugar baby? If yes, don’t waste any minute. Now is the perfect time for you to experience the lavish life of being a sugar baby!

Isabella Hill

Isabella Hill

Isabella Hill was an experienced sugar baby. When she was 20 years old, she met her first sugar daddy through a sugar daddy website. She has been in the sugar dating field for more than 7 years. She has extensive experience in managing and maintaining sugar daddy relationship. Today, Isabella is willing to share her experience with more sugar babies so that they can enter this lifestyle faster.